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3DSD’s Eco Dome printers go straight from raw material to full-scale home shells in a matter of hours.

Why Use 3DSD’s High-Performance Eco Domes?


3DSD’s Eco Dome printers go straight from raw material to full-scale home shells in a matter of hours. Designs are digitally transferred and printed on site.


3DSD’s printed domes are cost-efficient, earth-friendly, extremely durable and easy to maintain.


Moreover, without modifications, our domes are designed to use less than half the heating and cooling energy required for equivalent conventionally constructed buildings.


Domes made from G•ROCK™ exceed FEMA’s standards for providing near-absolute protection.

  • SAFETY: Near-absolute protection for occupants against hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, earthquakes and other natural or man made disasters

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3DSD Dome Interior.png


ENERGY SAVINGS: Savings of 50% without additional modification costs.  R-values can be modified to accommodate any design or code requirements.

LOWER INSURANCE COSTS: Invulnerability to fire, natural and man made disasters, mold, mildew and pests.

FASTER CONSTRUCTION TIMES: weeks vs. months = faster occupancy and lower cost of money.

EXTREME LONGEVITY and DURABILITY: designed to last for centuries with little maintenance.



It's like comparing a sheet of cardboard to a sheet of steel of identical size and thickness…the comparison abruptly ends there.  As shown above, a concrete dome delivers vastly more in overall performance value than a comparable size stick-built envelope. For example, if a 1,800 sf. 3DSD dome saved you $20,000 dollars over a comparable sized, stick-built structure that savings figure would be misleading. Since a stick-built, wooden/brick/plastic/stucco overlaid, tinder box vulnerable to bug infestations and natural disasters is vastly inferior to the concrete dome in every respect,

it would cost tens of thousands of dollars more to try and make it competitive in performance to the dome, which in any practical sense cannot be done anyway. That's why the cardboard vs. steel analogy fits: no matter how much money you waste beefing up the cardboard sheet it'll never realistically outperform steel. So, in reality, the $20,000 savings would be but a small fraction of the actual delivered savings value; especially when you add in life-cycle ownership cost savings: one of many examples would be NO roof maintenance...ever!



Most of the companies producing concrete domes in the USA are good organizations with solid products. True to any meaningful progress, we're simply standing on the shoulders of those who came before us and applying new, cutting-edge technologies to deliver superior overall value to our clients. 3DSD's building printing systems along with advanced, proprietary very-high performance (VHPC) and ultra-high performance (UHPC) concretes, substantially raise the cost-to-performance value-bar to give you a lot more, faster and take up less of your project budget.  

3DSD printed HPC or UHPC dome shells are faster, stronger, greener, healthier and less costly than comparable wood domes, thin shelled concrete-EPS domes, and concrete-EPS paneled geodesic domes.

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