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Our passion for eco-compatible building and sustainable living began just shy of 45 years ago.

3D Sustainable Developments is a sustainable building company that combines 3D printing, superior construction materials and a world of clean tech alternatives.

Around 2004 we realized 3D printing, robotics and precast-panelized rapid building systems held the transformative power to revolutionize the building industry—an industry lagging behind others in manufacturing processes, output and cost efficiency. Combine that realization with our obsession to produce sustainable building products and you get the drive that lead to 15 years of R&D into our printer system and high-performance concrete mixes.


In 2018 our team came together and incorporated as a social purpose corporation as the new designation offered in Washington State resonated with our passion for making money with a triple bottom line: people, planet & profit.


Although the systems we’ve developed are designed to rapidly produce superior performing building envelopes across the full spectrum of residential, commercial and industrial building segments; 3DSD is more than just a rapid building systems company.


We are also very passionate about transforming industrial waste-streams into high-performance concretes on a scale that can drastically reduce the amount of land-filled materials and mining waste left to pollute surrounding waterways. We are partnering with government organizations, industrial facilities and mining operations to convert waste, at its source, into new building materials.

This design was done for a Licensee who is building First Nations villages in Canada. It has a central "long house" with a fire pit to add a tribal gathering place.

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