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The dome printer is modular and packs into one shipping container for ease and affordability of transportation.  Once on a construction site, the printer requires approximately 6 hours to construct with 3 people. A dome can print within one day. If the dome is to be used as housing, additional time is required to install doors, windows and interior finishes. For grain silos and material storage, only the hatches and ladder need to be installed.


Our system is designed to produce multi-house developments rapidly by leapfrogging our Thick-Edge Slab Printer™ & our Eco Dome Printer™. Once a house has been printed the whole, assembled Eco Dome Printer™ is lifted up using a boom lift and moved over to the next slab which the Thick-Edge Slab Printer™ has just finished. Due to the rapid speed at which our concretes cure and gain very high compressive strengths, building on a foundation can take place within 24 hours, cutting the normal cure time by 27 days.

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