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G•ROCK™ high & ultra high-performance concretes are our unique recipes of organic, fiber-reinforced concretes.

A Cross Between Rock & Steel

G•ROCK High & Ultra-High Performance Concretes (HPCs & UHPCs) are advanced, very-high-density fiber reinforced mineral concretes that deliver high compressive and flexural strengths with exceptional elastic and ductile performance. It’s ductility under tension is similar to steel and designed to deform under high tensile stress without failing. This makes possible much longer, thinner and lighter self-supporting structural precast and 3D printed elements; as well as graceful and innovative architectural forms not possible with lesser concretes and building materials.   


G•ROCK is extremely durable and far less susceptible to the severe life-cycle limiting flaws of lesser concretes.  G•ROCK built products are expected to have extended service lives, resulting in less environmental impact over time and low-to-no life-cycle costs.


With construction and demolition waste comprising 50% of land-filled materials, there is an urgent need to stop building disposable housing. The current economic life-cycle of stick built houses is only 50 years, which makes them not only a poor solution to the housing shortage but a burden on the waste management system.  

  • Extreme ductility and durability- MIT estimates UHPC to have a 16,000 year life-cycle 

  • UHPCs are primarily used in Europe but cost up to ten times more than G•ROCK™

  • Safely contain up to 60% recycled materials

  • Can require 70% less material than conventional concrete to achieve the same performance characteristics  

  • Uses 70% less clinker than conventional concrete which translates to less embodied energy and over 70% less CO2 emissions

  • Non-toxic

  • High flexural, compressive and tensile strength

  • G•ROCK™ flexural strengths between 1,500-4,000psi compared to conventional concrete at 400-600psi

  • G•ROCK™ compressive strengths between 8,000-25,000psi compared to conventional concrete at 2,800-4,000psi

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